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🦋Let's Talk MONARCH

As a lover of nature, I've been determined to help increase the dwindling population of our Monarchs.

I started learning about the lifecycle, care and migration of Monarchs 3 years ago.  Since then, I've made it a personal mission of mine, to do my part in aiding these beautiful butterflies.  

This year, 2022, they have become an endangered species on certain lists.  There are numerous ways to help increase the numbers of these beautiful gems.

* Refrain from mowing or destroying your native milkweed plants.  These plants are the only types that Monarch Butterflies can lay their eggs on.  Monarch caterpillars can only feed on milkweed.

* Try not to use pesticides of any kind.  Even the blow-over of pesticides can poison the leaf of the milkweed plant.  As the caterpillar hatches and begins to feed on that leaf, it is sure to cause an imminent death.

* Plant more milkweed seeds. The pods are ready when they turn brown and brittle. You will see some start bursting open with a soft, white silk pushing out of them. Do as nature does - open your seed pods in a place that would be safe from mowing and pesticides and let the wind carry them.  Do this in the fall so the seeds have time to find a place they would like to settle in and germinate over the wintering season.

If you would like to help in a more extensive way, such as collecting and raising eggs and caterpillars, caring for and feeding them - from egg, to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly - follow my blog through this website and you can see all the necessary steps.  It's such an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

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