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HOUSE BLEND Fragrances

QUEEN BEE - sweetly smooth and earthy.  Smoked honey with hints of fresh grass, bamboo and earth amid a small bed of citronella.

BUDAPEST - lush greenery and tropical fruits as you bask in the sun, listening to melodic chants, while the distant breeze of incense waft from the nearby temple.

DEVIANT STARES - smoky sensual scent of cherry pipe tobacco dancing in swirls of browned vanilla.

DITCH MINT - she's barefoot & fancy free as she walks the path to gather fresh spearmint sprigs. Warm vanilla softens this lady of the earth.

EARTH FEST - celebrating the gifts of nature, from the ground up! Notes of patchouli and opium keep candied apples, bright red roses and fresh greens, in check.

SANDALWOOD & CEDAR - this smooth musk is rich in memories of old...wrap yourself up in Nana's comfy quilt, kept safe in the cedar chest.

BLACK ROSE - old fashioned rose darkened with a smidge of patchouli and rounded out with bits of nag champa.

UP IN SMOKE - remind you of the movie?  It should - buds of Cannabis, Incense and Earth ;)

SUMMER SOLSTICE  - sweet and fresh as the day is long. Sliced cucumber, dipped in honey. A refreshing treat on a long summer day!

MY DOG SAM - this is PURPLE SAM COSMETICS signature fragrance!  Free and happy, this snow white dog has no cares in the world as he munches on his favorite snack of purple flowers... Hot Sun - Cold Water - Minty Snow - Warm Ground and Grape flavored Purple Flowers 💜 A real tree-hugger fragrance!

PATCHWORKS - the incense of Nag Champa, grounded with Patchouli. One of our heavier fragrances!

ARTEMESIA'S APPLE - juicy, delicious apples, drizzled with butter and baked with spices and cloves!

GOOD MORNING - Wake your skin up with a bold shot of Brazilian coffee, sweetened with a little sugar and softened with vanilla cream. 

SOFT AS SKIN - word play ;)  This is my personal replica of an old school favorite, sold by the ____ lady!  A powdery soft, citronella and pine!

OPHELIA - a soft musk with an ultra light floral, entangled in swirls of opium. Very sexy!