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PURPLE SAM is a small, Independent business located in Bangor, Michigan 💜  I've been making skin care treats for many years and decided to turn my love & passion into my livelihood & so -  PURPLE SAM was born.

I'm obsessed with nature and formulate all products myself.

I focus on SKIN CARE in the most NATURAL way possible. Every ingredient used has a PURPOSE - I don't add FILLERS.  This is particularly why my products are long lasting - a little goes a long way. There is always a method to my madness. I use ingredients to better the overall health of our skin.

I also grow and harvest some of my own plant materials. I purchased a beautiful copper still from Portugal and make my own plant distillations - hydrosols and essential oils. My hydrosols are undilluted and rich in essential oils. I use these in my own specialty product formulations.

I hand-make small batches and restock often. I have a variety of fragrances and am also a fragrance blender. You can find descriptions to my HOUSE BLEND Fragrances in the menu. I blend fragrances from stories that come to my mind - memories or thoughts... And coming from MY mind, most of these are complex 😄 and earthy - I still try to please the masses with scents many are familiar with 💜

I offer limited availability products regularly.  I make tons of skin care goodies!

We have a new ACCESSORIES line at PURPLE SAM!  Find unique & eccentric Totes, Purses, Duffle Bags, Backpacks, Headbands, Wraps and more!

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Please, Please, Please!  Read the ingredients listings to each product PRIOR to purchase and use!  Nobody knows your skin better than you and skin allergies/allergic reactions are common these days. All ingredients are listed on the product's description.

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